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"one more song mom" listens to 10 hour version

Pictures are worth thousands words except school days I did not see that coming…

Synopsis: Usagi is a normal high school student. Then one day she gets visited by a cat named Luna. Luna told her she is the reincarnation of the sailor warrior and she must fight evil along with other Sailor warriors that she needs to find.
Genre: magical girl, action, romance,
Short Version: The original magical girl genre what else do you need?
Review: The story of Sailor Moon is like Trigun it’s slow at first with but it makes up for it’s characters. It felt like they wasted on the character development don’t get me wrong character development is good but it they could have made the story better because the story felt flat. It’s rare that story gets advanced because the same formula is used mst of the episodes. The animation is good during its time but if you compare it to 2014 animation of course you’ll find it crappy sonce it was made 22 years ago. The main character can be annoying and she can get into your nerve. She’s whiny lazy crybaby but some people can connect with her. Why? The laziness of a student and we all had that before or wanting to have a cool boyfriend or girlfriend. The main cast is likeable and better than the main character herself. Despite the negativity the more you watch the more you’ll likeit beause of the characters.The thing is no matter how bad the story is if you have good characters it can save the show.
Wrap up: Sailor Moon is the original magical girl genre so if you are not into long battles due to the agonizing transformation take off a point. Also if you are picky about animation take off a point.
                            I give Sailor Moon                                       3/5


When I watched Grave of the Fireflies when I was young I find it really boring. When I got older I watched it again and it spoke to me in a whole new level and that is one of the many reason I love anime 

Although I don’t like going out but if there is free food you bet your ass I am 

Instead of calling out nipples ‘nipples’ let’s call it nip nip like My nip nip is swollen 

If anyone else’s last name is Uh someone tell me because I’m not the only one right? I don’t want to feel like I’m not the only survivor with the last name Uh

What does Alchemist do in real life? Seriously I only know the anime version of it

I’ve never seen a protagonist in a harem anime that actually has a personality.

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